Vertebral column and disc pain

Disc evaporation Vertebral column pain and disc pain are treated by the most recent an advanced methods. Many of the patients do [...]

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Knee, Shoulder, Joint pain and others

Joint pain usually occurs due to osteoarthritis such as hip, knee and joints. The treatment is done by intra-articular injection of concentrated hyaluronic [...]

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All types of chronic headache such as trigeminal headache and cluster headache are treated by injection and radio-frequency in the nerve ganglia at [...]

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Chronic facial pain

Chronic facial pain is usually treated by medical treatment but in some resistant cases, injection and radio-frequency is applied to the nerves of [...]

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Cancer pain

Chronic cancer pain such as cancer of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and pleura are treated by injection and radio-frequency to the nerves [...]

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Herpatic Neuralgia

Herpatic neuralgia is considered one of the painful conditions affecting adult and geriatric patients in the chest region, face and limbs. Treatment is [...]

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Radio-frequency and Nerve Injection

Radio-frequency is considered one of the most recent treatments for chronic pain. The doctor inserts a very small needle in the nerves responsible [...]

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Hyper-hydrosis of upper and lower limbs

Treatment is done by injection and radio-frequency for the nerves which are responsible for this problem which gives efficient and rapid results by the [...]

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Limb ischemia

Some patients, especially smokers, may suffer from severe vasoconstriction of lower limb arteries resulting in severe pain in the limbs and severe ischemia. [...]

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